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Hi there, I am an INTERNATIONAL student doing MS in Econ in US and willing to go to a PhD.

Results: BS in Econ (3.65), MS in Econ (3.87) from an unknown (to US Profs) university. Some issues are - failed in first year Math Econ, First year Econ Stats and Econometrics. Got A in all of them later and took Cal 1-4 (A), Intro to prob (B+) and poor grade in Real Analysis.    

Currently, doing MS in Eco in un-ranked university in US (CGPA - 4.0 so far) with full RA, fellowships and additional awards. Math - Good grades in Real Analysis (Dual level), Metrics, taking graduate Dynamical Systems, graduate Probability models from Math dept and machine learning based course from Econ detpt. Will take (but wont show up in transcript when I apply)- dual level intro to probability and statistics II (basically mathematical OLS, GMM), dual level Linear Algebra and graduate Econ programming class.

Recommendations - Profs like me. Work as RA is appreciated positively. Expecting good letters.

Professional experience - Research Associate in a very good consulting firm in my country (clients like WB, IFC, GE) - 2 years, Grad RA - 1.5 years.

Question 1. Does it make sense to wait for Linear algebra et al show up in transcript and apply for Fall 2018 ? Also, I am half way through with requirements of a Stat Masters. Does it make sense to go through with a Stat masters?

Question 2. I have thought of 4 unis so far - Georgia State, Arizona State, U Maryland - CP (reaching), Washington U in St. Louis. Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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