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Switching from MS to PhD and choosing adviser


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I am currently finishing up my MS in biology and am going to continue with my PhD. I have two options: 1. stay with my current adviser (D) 2. Work with one of my committee members (J). Either way I will also be co advised by a new young professor who I don't have any reservations with her. I am trying to decide between D and J. 

Pro D: we have a great lab manager, my work would be with work with NPS, very interesting topic, big wide reaching topic, Already know how he works and plans and writes, Interdisciplinary, isn't actively researching and publishing, he is full on adviser and admin role 

Pro J: Actively researching and publishing, Feel like he gets into theory and science in depth,Lots of questions really challenges me, Active in stats and R, guaranteed summer funding  

Con D: Low self confidence/easily changes mind, has lots of ideas. but he never acts on these things. Lots of talk little action, slow to publish, he is behind on his manuscript for review journal, Not good in stats and R, Hand’s off

Con J: More theory based vs applied, Smaller school less resources? , topic does not feel as important or big, Maybe he will challenge me too much…..scary?, New writing/advising style, Less interdisciplinary,Can be a know it all


What do you feel are the most important things to consider in a PhD adviser and program? 

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