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Newbie looking for advice on where to apply with my stats (Neuro PhD)



Hey everyone,

I just finished a Fulbright fellowship in neuroscience and now I'm gearing up for PhD apps this fall (behavioral neuro). I've reached out to several schools in Europe (where I was doing the fellowship) that don't require the GRE, and so far I've had two interviews (University of Zurich and Medical University of Vienna).

I'm not quite as well-versed in the US PhD app process, and although admissions statistics are available for most schools, it's hard to gauge how much my research background could influence my chances at some of the more selective ones.

I figured I'd just post my basic stats plus the programs I'm interested in and hope someone could give me a general direction.

GPA: 3.60 (w/ honors). Institution: Top 5 LAC. Senior thesis in Neuroscience. Double major in Neuroscience and German

GRE: Not yet taken but practice tests have generally been 160+ for both sections. (SAT was 99th percentile if that has any correlation?)

Research: Fulbright Research Scholarship in Neuroscience; yearlong senior thesis in neuroscience, multiple awards and scholarships in neuroscience received during undergrad. Total award value: ~$15,000

The US programs I'm interested in are:

Vanderbilt, Duke, NYU, UCSD, UCLA, Princeton, Harvard

The international programs I'm interested in are:

Oxford, UCL, Cambridge, Imperial, U of Zurich, Medical U of Vienna, U of Munich, U of Heidelberg, Humboldt Berlin


Any advice is sincerely appreciated.

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