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  • 1 month later...

Someone in the survey section states that acceptances were mailed out last week and all the rejections will be mailed out in the middle of this week --- any corroborators?

I didn't call or end them email, but the statement does seem consistent with past years posts in the results section - acceptances in 15-20 March, rejections in the following week. So there goes my last chance at at Ph.D. I applied to join RSRG. Which group did you apply to?

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Okay, so I am waiting for the system to catch up and send my rejection, but now I notice that the embark "Track my Status" page has been updated with GRE General Score received as of 23 March 2010 at around 11:50 AM. Did this happen to everyone waiting? That is, was there a date already on your track status page for GRE scores or did it go up recently?

I am trying to discern whether a decision in my case had to be delayed because the GRE score somehow didn't make it (I realize now that I hadn't even uploaded a scanned copy along with my application), or if this is just them being cautious as to not send out the rejections with the GRE received column still blank so as to avoid a barrage of emails from rejected candidates asking whether it was because GRE score didn't make it (I am guessing latter).

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I hope it means something since the status of my GRE General scores were also updated around that time .. smile.gif

If it happened with everyone, I think this means that we are (as predicted previously) rejected and they just want to make sure we don't call or send email asking whether it was because GRE was not received. This way we know it was received and accounted for in the decision making. Good luck with your applications,

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