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Profile Evaluation|AppliedMath|Master+PhD Fall2018


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Undergrad Institution: Top International School 
Major(s): Mathematics
Minor(s): Computer Science
GPA: 3.33/4.3 (major GPA: 3.56)

Type of Student: International Asian Female

GRE General Test:
 170 (97%)
V: 159 (83%)
W: 4.0 (60%)

GRE Math Sub:
790(77%) will take again 
Programs Applying: Applied Math PhD/MS, Statistics MS, OR MS
Research Experience: Summer Research @Top3 Applied Math Institute in the US, Undergraduate Supervised Study (Reading Course) at top math school in the US
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 4 month internship at a startup company as BI developer 
Letters of Recommendation: Two from Professors that I have done research/reading with and one that I have taken advanced analysis course with. They are all from very prestigious school in the US. One from home institution.
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: One semester exchange at a top3 public school in the US, got straight A in math&stat classes (3 math, 1 stat).
Programs considering:
Reach(Throwing money away):
NYU Courant, PhD Mathematics


California Institute of Technology, PhD Computing and Mathematical Sciences 

Brown, PhD Applied Math 

GeorgiaTech, PhD Computational Science and Engineering

Umichigan, PhD Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Match (Would be very very happy if got into any one of these):
UCSB, PhD Applied Math
UCSD, PhD Applied Math
Purdue, PhD Applied Math
PennState, PhD Applied Math
Upenn, Master in Applied Math and Computational Sciences 
Stony Brook, PhD in Applied Math
CMU, MSIN (Master)
Yale, MS in statistics 
Harvard, MS in statistics 
Columbia, MS in statistics/data science 
Do you think my profile is competitive for the schools on the list?
I'm still trying to find more schools that are more of a safety/match given my low GPA. I would like to hear your advice on my school selection!
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