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18th c. classicism and aesthetics


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I'm currently searching for the right Ph.D program and I am having some difficulty. My interests are primarily in early 18th-century aesthetics and the rise of neoclassicism. I completed my summa cum laude thesis on the political implications of Johann Joachim Winckelmann's interpretations of Greek and Roman art and aesthetics. None of my professors had any abiding interest in the 18th-century, so I was mostly fending for myself with minimal guidance. Now I am struggling to find a suitable department to pursue my interest in that period; my advisors in the art history department all noted the dearth of 18th c. specialists. So far, I have found at least one potential mentor at University of Virginia, NYU Fine Arts, Bard and Vanderbilt.


I'm wondering if anyone else has an interest in 18th c. European art and the resurgence of neoclassicism or aesthetics in this period who might have some ideas on where I can look for people doing this work. Thanks!

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Just from googling "neoclassical art history professors," it seems like Whitney Davis at UC Berkeley, Michael Charlesworth at UT Austin, and Richard Neer at UChicago all align with your interests fairly well. Also, make sure to check whether schools actually have PhD programs (Vanderbilt doesn't). My other recommendation for finding potential advisers would be to look at the authors of secondary sources you used for your thesis and see where they teach. Hope that helps some.

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