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GRE-MBA/MPP chances?


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Hi all,
I am currently a senior in university looking to apply to four deferred MBA programs for fourth year students (with a GRE and in a non-business major). I would like some feedback on my profile and what you guys think my chances are! Also, I am looking a few MPA/MPP/MIA programs as well, so would like feedback on those --

Education: New York University; Chinese, Public Policy

GRE: 162-163Q/163-164V (predicted)
GPA: 3.5 (at time of application, strong upward trend)
Underrepresented Minority

Highlights (?)
* International internship experience in Shanghai, China -- Bitcoin exchange tech company.
* Year studying abroad in Shanghai.
* internship at Dept. of Commerce this past spring, completed summer intership at a financial services/fintech firm in NYC.

*SOP: strong personal experiences to write about, including overcoming health issues and adjusting to cultural gap of working abroad. Potential issue is a lack of leadership experience at university, outside of being an RA.

I am targeting Harvard 2+2, Stanford, Yale Silver Scholars, NYU Stern Berkeley Scholars
MPA/MPP/MIA programs from Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, UPenn, UC Berkeley, Yale, University of Pennsylvania.

I have a job secured for after graduation at the company I completed my summer internship at, and am going through the interview process with Amazon. My planned trajectory is graduate --> work 2 years --> MBA --> career switch, or management. Ideally I would like to work in sustainable business or supply chain after graduation.

Thanks for any advice/help.

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