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What types of jobs can i get with a BS/MS in statistics?


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I am a current undergraduate student majoring in Statistics. I have been interested in careers ranging from sports statistician, to video game data scientist, to biostatistician.

I am not looking for a career that is the most paying per se (I would like a salary of somewhere between 60k-80k a year), rather a career that is most fulfilling. I do not seek a programming-focused role, however I do not mind learning programming and utilizing it as a useful tool. I would like to be able to share my knowledge of statistics to help others who may not be knowledgeable of statistics and help them see the usefulness of statistics. Maybe a career where I can develop statistical approaches to non-statistical procedures. I can really see myself in setting where I am the one who designs studies/experiments/sampling, collects the data, and summarizes/ analyze the data and bring complex statistical problems understandable to everyone.

I guess what I am looking for now as an undergraduate student is not a career, but rather internships that can expose me to a setting and role that I may like.

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