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Profile Evaluation/School List for PhD in Biostatistics


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Undergrad Institution: Unranked Liberal Arts
Major(s): Math/Biostatistics/Public Health
GPA: >3.95 from degree-granting institution, but only 3.6 cumulative counting bad stint in college several years ago (bad meaning <2.0 and academic dismissal). I had health issues that are now resolved and there is a clear before/after line, but this is obviously still a concern. 
Type of Student:  Domestic

GRE General Test:
 170 (97%)
V: 165 (95%)
W: 5.0 (93%)
Programs Applying: Biostatistics PhD
Research Experience: 
Summer in biomedical engineering at top-10 school, resulting in publication (not first-author)
6-month internship in public health, no publications or presentations
Summer in biostatistics at different top-5 school continuing into part-time employment to finish the project, working on publication(s) but nothing will be submitted before applications are due

Departmental awards for all three majors, but nothing outside of my school

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 
TA for non-math class, tutor for a couple of math and non-math classes. Currently working in a healthcare (non-research) job at a hospital.
Letters of Recommendation: 
Recommendations from the two research professors and one from a statistics professor who knows me well at my college. All three should be very strong.
5 on BC Calculus Exam
Pre-diagnosis: Multivariable Calculus: C; Linear Algebra: F (yeah, I know)
Community College: Intro Statistics: A
Liberal Arts School: Regression Models: A; Probability: A; Statistical Design: A; Mathematical Statistics: A; Data Mining: A; Bayesian: A; Real Analysis 1 and 2: A; Abstract Algebra: A; Discrete Math: A; SAS Programming: A
Where to apply?
Obviously the dream is acceptance at the school where I spent the summer, but I know I can't necessarily count on that. I don't know where else to apply because of my GPA issues and unranked undergraduate institution. Can I even consider other top-5's where I don't have any connections? Thanks!
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