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Personal statement for uGrad semester exchange program. someone please review it

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I have always been fascinated by the idea of helping others. The feeling of satisfaction it generates is simply overwhelming and what better way to help others than becoming a doctor. It has always motivated me to excel academically and to connect and sympathize with people. I am an ambitious, dedicated and socially proactive person that easily blends with others. I love making new friends from diverse backgrounds with the curiosity to know more about their culture and learn from them. I am also fond of participating in cultural shows and debates.

Being from a humble background, I have witnessed lack of basic healthcare and Doctor-patient contact at the primary level for poor people. By becoming a successful doctor, I plan to contribute towards betterment of this deficit by providing close doctor-patient relation and create awareness among people regarding lifestyle changes that can prevent infectious diseases which are a major problem in our society thus elevating our health status. I have organized various free medical and blood camps in remote areas of my region. I am also presiding an organization that arranges awareness sessions for diseases like thalassemia and cancer, and raises funds for deserving children.

Spending a semester in US will give me a golden opportunity to visit different teaching hospitals and meet brilliant doctors and get an insight of their advanced healthcare system and teaching methodologies followed by their latest techniques of treating diseases. This would help in my grooming to become a successful doctor and implement those practices back home. Moreover, I will also get a chance to represent my rich culture and clear the misconceptions regarding my country.


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