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Profile Evaluation for PhD in Civil Engineering


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Hello all,

I would like to get an idea of what my chances are of getting into PhD programs in Civil Engineering. Here are my credentials:

B.S in Environmental Science with a Math minor

GPA 2.9 :( I have a pretty good upward trend in the last 60 credit hours thou.

MS Ecology

GPA 3.3/4.0

Both degrees are from the same University (top 30 Big10)

GRE: Q: 162 V: 156 Written: still waiting on results.  

I have loads of varying research experience mostly summer based, nothing resulting in a publication, sadly. I have been out of my masters since 2014 and been working in environ. edu, conservation and now project management. I am on a few publications in prep and will definitely be published by the end of the year (not sure if before applications are due however). 

Letters of rec are coming from the two people I am working under right now and another previous employer, so no professors who had me in class. 

Current list of schools are: Oregon State University (CEOS), Georgia Tech (Civil Eng), North Carolina State (Civil Eng), UDelaware (Civil Eng), Virginia Institute for Marine Science (Physical Sci) and maybe UCLA (Civil Eng). 

Let me know what you think my odds are!!

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