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Political Affiliation of References


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Long story short, I'm an ex moderate Republican who's been driven away by Trump. If I were going to work for a partisan organization, I'd rather it be for the Democrats than Republicans at this point. 

Today I saw a job posting for a Democratic consulting firm that I was interested in and think I could get. My job experience during school was all with Republican affiliated organizations, though, so that's where my references come from. Is that fine? I'm less concerned about it hurting me on this job (they want me to talk a little about ideology in the cover letter so I can mention the situation I'm in so it would make sense) but I'm more worried about alienating my references and not being able to use them down the line. It seems like this could be a fairly normal situation in the field, but I don't know. It also is possible it will never come up, neither organization is nationally known and they're in different parts of the country and when they contact my references it may just be questions about job related stuff like being on time and diligent and so forth. 

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