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Mechatronics engineering in the US? help a danish guy


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Hello everyone.

I have decided after many months of contemplating that I want to go to the US to study for my master's degree. I am currently at 5. semester at Aalborg University in Denmark, studying a bachelor in mechatronics engineer (it is called BSc in energy at home). Upon searching for the universities that offer mechatronics engineer, I have encountered some issues, and I am left a bit dazzled.

I will in the folllowing section leave some of the courses that I have finished at Aalborg university (to give you an idea what a mechatronics engineer is doing):

(Insert all the courses that every single engineer has to have pre- 4. semester)
(Thermodynamics, mechanics, mathematic stuff, basic physics, electrical circuit analysis, etc.)

4. semester:

Control of enery conversions systems
Fundamental control theory
Real time systems and programming language

5. semester:

Analysis of mechatronic system
Power electronics
Electrical machines
Numerical methods

6. semester

Design of a mechatronic system
Sustainable Energy Systems: Economics, Environment, and Public Regulation
Design and control of hydraulic systems
State space and digital control

At Aalborg university, students are divided into groups of 4-7 people, who are to write one project doing each semester. Each semester comes with a different topic for the projects. (i.e. Modelling and analysis of simple enery conversion system) This accounts for half of the units, required in the semester.

If i would have taken a master's degree in mechatronics:

Control of a hydraulic actuated mechanical structure
Dynamic modelling of electrical machines and control systems
Non-linear control and multi-body systems
Probability theory, stochastic processes and advances statistics
Advanced control of electrical machines
Control of Electrical Drive Systems and Converters
Multi variable control
Optimisation theory and reliability
Master's thesis.

You hopefully get the idea by now.

The question you have been waiting for is then:

At what universities is it possible to have courses that resemble a mechatronics engineer as much as possible? I have been looking at many of the top universities in the US, but I usually only find mechanical engineering, in which there is a little bit mechatronics, but mostly mechanic stuff. Can you guys help me find a university which offers hardcore mechatronics engineering? (I have been looking at Berkeley which has some courses that fits into the mechatronics engineering. 

I hope you can help me, 

Sincerely, an excited dane wanting to go to the US!

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