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Can I apply for AAS and then transfer to MFA?


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Hi, I'm a foreigner who wants to apply master or graduate degree of graphic design in the US. Many colleges in the US require a TOEFL score, but my English is not good. I looked up some colleges which have A.A.S.(Associate of Applied Science) and this associate degree don't require high TOEFL score in some colleges. Like Pratt's A.A.S. only require a TOEFL score of 71 which I can meet the requirement. But I already got an undergraduate degree(clothes design) in my country, I don't know if I can still apply for A.A.S. 

Since A.A.S. is two years program, I wonder whether if I can study one year and I can improve my English during this year, as well as to improve some basic knowledge of graphic design, then I can apply for MFA.(Master of Fine Art) Like Pratt's communications design which requires a TOEFL score of 90 or California Institute of the Arts's graphic design which requires a TOEFL score of 100. 

For many reasons, I want to begin my study in the US as early as possible and I already took a long time to prepare my English which is not very ideal. 

I really need your advice and thanks in advance.

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