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Applying to Statistics/Biostatistics student as a non-traditional student


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Hi guys,

This is my first post on this site. I am a non-traditional student interested in MS programs in Statistics. When i look at the minimum requirements for the masters programs the sites, I realize that I do have the classes I need for some of these programs. The problem is that I majored in Biology while in University, and my GPA is really low ~ 3.05. I was originally intending to apply to medical school, but I realized that I hated my major, and medicine and struggled mightily with my upper level classes after starting with a 3.85 freshman year. However my grades in all of the math classes I have taken have been A's, so 4.0 math GPA(all freshman year classes). I have taken calculus I-III and linear algebra and gotten A's in all of them. I still need to take the GRE, but I am wondering if satisfying the minimum requirement for the masters programs are sufficient to be considered for admission to the graduate school, or if it's better to take real analysis at some point as well. I am really desperate to change my career. I have been working and out of school for around two years now, and starting to get depressed and lost with my life.Thanks!

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