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MFA at same school you did undergrad? Thoughts about UW-Seattle?


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So I did my undergrad at UW-Seattle, graduated in 2012. Since then I have had a job in an unrelated field, but kept up my art practice, developing my body of work and participating in shows as much as I can. I want to move back to Seattle, and UW is the only school with an MFA program in the area. Is it dumb to do an MFA program at the same school I did my undergrad art degree? I have heard that it's best to do your MFA in a city where you want to build networks and connections - I plan to be in Seattle long term. Thoughts? I want to apply to the MFA program for 2018, so that would be a good six years between when I graduated from undergrad.

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It would seem if you want to add a dimension to your experience as an artist so that you can further define your direction -  then it would make a lot of sense to take a couple of years and gain the perspective of another active city, faculty, art scene, type of program and then return. 

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