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MS in CS after an (unrelated) career break?


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I am a software developer working in a well known tech company since 3 years (from right after undergrad college). I am about to leave my job soon to work on a business of my own. My new business is unfortunately not a tech start-up which would have increased my chances of getting a CS admit, but it is a normal business not relying on tech.

If my new business doesn't work out, I have plans of doing an MS in the US. I am from a good undergrad college in India, my grades are decent (grade point average 8.5 out of 10), GRE score 315, have published a few CS papers. I have a couple of patents I filed at work after undergrad which are quite high in quality.

But I am worried they will turn me down because of this unrelated career break. Is that a possibility?

thank you



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I don't see that as a possibility. But if someone more qualified than me can give their advice it'd be great. In my experience of college hunting, having this kind of break will not ruin anything. Your profile otherwise looks strong and you should be able to get into good grad schools.
But again, see if someone else (maybe with a similar situation) replies to this post.

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Well, you have an undergrad CS degree. Just given that, an MS in CS should not be a hurdle (where depends on the rest of your profile, but you would be eligible to apply everywhere).

Plus, the research papers and some relevant work exp. make it slightly better. I am saying slightly better because I am not sure of the research area, and of the reputation of the conference(es)/journal(s) where the papers were published.

Now if you take a short break (say <3 years), everything should be fine. However, if the break is long, some schools may give you trouble.

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