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Carbonate Advisors?


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Hey all,

I'm a recent graduate from a university in Louisiana and I'm on my way to becoming a sedimentologist(particularly with a focus in carbonates)!

Overall GPA: 3.57 Major GPA : 3.8

Research Summary :

  • -3D Seismic integration project (basin analysis)
  • -XRD Analysis collaboration with CORE labs
  • -Honor's project sedimentology research paper
  • -Field work in France (stratigraphy, explaining a potential petroleum system) and Big Bend (mapping)
  • Tons of presentations (none at conferences)

Awards: President's list (4.0 gpa) twice and Dean's list (3.6 gpa) once. Undergrad degree was fully funded + stipends by scholarships based on my GPA, high ACT score and pell grant. Graduated Cum Laude.

*also a female minority if that helps

No undergraduate thesis sadly :( I was only in college for two years. I graduated at the age of nineteen and received an offer for nonthesis at the University of Houston. I declined because I want to find a project I'm passionate about and didn't get funding. Since I graduated so early I didn't think it'd hurt to be patient and take my time to apply again. I was rejected at Rice Uni due to my low GRE scores (150/149). I'm retaking the GRE in December for the next round of applications... with practice.. goal is 310-320

My top two schools for my focus are UT Austin and Miami. I'm also looking at LSU, TAMU, ASU, Stanford, CSU, U of Utah and Montana. I'm not particularly limiting myself to higher tiered schools. I'll be contacting a list of advisors I've researched and found soon and would love any input on other schools I meet the qualifications for / any great carbonate advisors ! I'm particularly interested in recognizing carbonates in seismic / climate change (ocean anoxic events, reef demise, analogs of past events to today) / carbonate reservoirs. Goal is to becoming a petroleum geologist in the end.


Thanks in advance :-)


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12 hours ago, fuzzylogician said:

I have exactly nothing productive to say (not my field), but I keep reading your title as "carbonated advisors". Didn't want to just keep it to myself... 

I thought the same thing also, but I suppose that it is better to have an advisor that is bubbly and energetic than one that is flat and stale.


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