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I have pretty good research experience, but low grade. Where to apply?


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Hi all,

I am researching schools to apply, but I have overall GPA of 3.0, which makes me worrying about the application. 


Overall GPA 3.0

GRE V: 155

        M: 163

        W: 4.5

Planning on retaking it end of this month.


  • 1.5 year of experience in phosphorylation lab

            it was during undergraduate. 

  • 3 years of experience in neuroscience lab 

           with one publication(Nature Neuroscience), and 2-3 will come out in future hopefully early next year. 

  • Just started in another lab in DNA repair. 

            expecting one publication will be out by next summer. 


I am interested in regeneration, aging, cancer, and many other things, which means I am not set in one area of study. Almost every school that I looked into has interesting lab I would love to join. I would be able to get pretty strong recommendation letters from above PIs. Since I do not have strong grades, I am not sure which level I should aim for. Could anyone help me by recommending some schools that I could aim for?


Thank you so much.

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