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PhD ME UCDavis or UCSB?


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So which is a better school? I know Santa Barbara is a nicer place to live at. Also most rankings place it above Davis, but is there a significant difference in the two? Does one open more doors after graduation?

Depends on your research interests, I'd say. I know Davis is strong in transportation - don't know much about UCSB.

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Im a MAE undergrad at Davis and I have to say that there are trade offs with a ME PHD here. The Mech. program here is strong and we have at least two big names in faculty and many student run ME programs. However, you should also consider that the whole UC system is having issues and MAE @ Davis is no exception. The final thing you should know is that the ME PHD program at Davis, from what I am told, does not include a PHD defense, but a PHD presentation.

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