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Looking into Social Work


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I am hoping to receive some assistance in professional advice as I progress in my formal education. It is my goal to become a social worker, however won't be able to begin my MSW for another three years. I am finishing my BA in education, have 15 years of active Army service and am potentially looking to retire in five years. To better set myself up for success, what are some items I might consider when applying to an MSW program that will set me up among my peers? Starting social work in my 40's, is this too late to start? I would like to work with high school aged children in urban areas, is there much of a need in this environment? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for your time.

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Hello MKP, looks like we may be near in age, I am 34 and by the time I finish my BA and the MSW I'll be 37, after another probably 3 years if I can find supervision the whole time I can sit for the licensing exam at 40 years old, so I hear ya. I think it's very common, or at least more common than you might think. Schools value older students with lived experience, and you have that in spades. Thank you for your service to our country. My understanding is that you have nothing going against you in terms of your background, if anything you have strengths, and low SES areas with struggling teens are a great area of focus, no doubt plenty of work to be done. Where are you planning to work and go to school?

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