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SOP: Experience vs Passion


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Hello everyone :)! "

I am writing my SOP for joining a PhD program in biomedical science, the problem is am currently working as a clinical Embryologist ( and a dermatologist,  actually) and all my research experience and publications is focused on this field. But I want to make a career shift and study cancer biology not Embryology.  So what field of interest should I mention and focus on in my SOP as a future intention to pursue? 

A) Embryology:

Good: Having experience in the field. So it will look like I am taking a well planned steady steps. 

Bad: almost all PhD programs in USA does not focus primary on clinical embryology and assisted reproduction, SO, the adcom may think I am not actually fitting. 

B. Cancer biology:

Good: I really want it. Especially my mother died recently from cancer. I can also make some use of my previous research projects and convey it into cancer research

Bad: No previous experience. Also it will look like I change my field of interest every 3 years ( Dermatology >> Andrology and Embryology >> Cancer biology) 

C.  Mention both interests

Good: Solve the problem?? 

Bad: Will appear confused,  indeterminate

Little help please!

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