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Hey guys, I just wanted to start a thread for UC Davis. I am flying out there for their welcome weekend, so I was hoping to see who else was going as well. Also, because I only know about the theorists there, I was wondering if anyone else could point me in the right direction for UCD's strengths in the other subfields (if we decide to go there, we all have to choose at least two!).

Thanks, see you guys down there!

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Hey. I'll be out there for the welcome weekend as well. I'm studying American Politics and will probably take my second concentration in comparative. In terms of elections, which is one of my research areas of interest, they've got some very strong faculty members in the American subfield. Institutions-wise, they have some great comparativists who study legislative politics/institutions and political parties from a cross-nation comparative perspective.

I would say that as of now, MIT and Minnesota (both of which I am waiting to hear from this week) and Rochester (where I'm waitlisted) are the only three that I might place it ahead of. In terms of the programs at which I am a definite admit, I would say that it holds a significant advantage at this point. Of course, since I am determining the next five years of my life as well as the launching pad for my academic career, I'll no doubt be visiting a few other schools (FSU, UT-Austin, and Rice, all of which have visit weekends as well). That said, I think that assuming things don't work out at these first few programs I mentioned, I could very well end up at UCD. Also, if you PM me I'll facebook you so that I'll know who to look for next week when I'm there!

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