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Looking for feedback on my CV for political theory PhD programs


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Hello, I am currently studying for the GRE and I am intending to put in applications for doctoral programs this December to study political theory. Today, I substantially overhauled my CV since it had heretofore lumped most everything within a jumbled section entitled "Relevant Experience." I decided to organize it more clearly into more specific sections, and I am hoping that someone can provide me with some guidance as to what changes and / or omissions I should consider. 

I'm wondering whether the "Professional Experience" section should be removed. These may not relate to academia, but I am worried that not including it would make it look like I was unemployed for very long periods of time, indicating laziness. They also may demonstrate that I have gained communication skills which they may consider when they are dishing out teaching assistantships. 

One major question that I have involves the proper order of these sections. Is there a best proper order for each of the sections that I may be failing to meet, or does it not really matter? 

Also, is it better to include Dean's List within the "Education" or the "Honors" section? And do I need a "Research Interests" section? 

CV for Criticism.pdf

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