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Hey guys, I have two questions regarding GRE.

I have two sets of scores. 

  1. June 2017: v. 156   q. 153   a. 5
  2. Nov 2017: v. 157   q. 159   a. 4.5

It sucks that the verbal score went up by only one point and the AW score (which I had no doubt would be the same as before if not increased) dropped!

I am aiming for schools ranked in Top20. I don't have a great undergrad GPA (3.32) although I had managed to increase it by 0.6 from my first semester GPA. I have a strong Master's GPA (4.0). I have 2.5 years of professional research experiences within the field of my interest. But no original publications other than book reviews and technical reports. 

My questions are :


2) SHOULD I SEND BOTH SCORES TO SCHOOLS? I am worried that they will see the small, one-point increase in my verbal after 6 months of (presumed) studying, and that they will not positively think that my AW score dropped by 0.5 eventually. OR, WHICH SCORE SHOULD I SEND TO SCHOOLS? 

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