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PhD chemistry chances


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Hi everyone!, I am currently a college senior (chem major)  applying for graduate school, specifically PhD programs in chemistry, more specifically materials chemistry/nanoscience. I wanted to ask what chances do you guys think I have in getting into some specific grad schools with my current status. Grad schools of interest are CUNY grad, Stony brook, UBuffalo, URochester, Penn state, Boston University, Northeastern, NYU, Rutgers, Michigan State, Uconn, Umass Amherst, Carnagie Mellon. 

Overall GPA is 3.3, my chem major GPA is 3.5.  

GRE: 149 critical reading, 160 math (previous GRE score was 145 critical reading, 157 in math) 

2 month research in organic synthesis of natural product with research mentor (summer 2016)

1.5 year research in physical chemistry and photocatalysis with new and current research mentor (sept 2016- nov 2017) 

2 poster presentations (1 in school, one outside school) and 1 oral presentation at ACS conference (also hosted at fordham

Extracurricular activities: Volunteered at program called eisci mentoring( assisted high school students in science laboratory experiments, college application, etc. ) 

Work Study for summer of 2015 (freshmen year) 

Technical Skills:

FTIR, HNMR, CNMR, Raman Spectroscopy, UV Vis Spectrophotometry


Spectra Physics 2020-05 laser spectroscopy

Model 55013 xenon arc lamp

Proficient in Extraction, Simple/Fractional Distillation, Rotary Evaporation, Filtration, TLC, Silica Gel Chromotography, Enzyme Kinetics Assays, HPLC, ion exchange chromotography, Gel electrophoresis, Protein Extraction from bacteria, Mohr Titration, Complexometric Titration, Redox Titration, 

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office

Princeton Applied Research Power Suite

Spartan (quantum chemistry calculations) 

Labspec (Horiba Jobin Ivon Raman Spectroscopy) 

Application of computer controlled of photocatalysis

(Will learn C++, but after I submit applications) 

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