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Advice for getting a PhD Developmental Psych with MSW + B.A. Psychology + No research experience


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Hi all,

I want to get a PhD in Developmental Psychology but I worry my credentials aren't good enough and am looking for some advice. My background: 

1. Undergrad Cumulative GPA: 3.09 , Psychology (Major) GPA: 3.79

2. GRE Writing (4.0), Quant (148), Verbal (150)

3. No research experience, but a few years of clinical experience

4. Graduate in May with MSW

I'll definitely be retaking the GRE and was also thinking about getting a research-based Master's before applying to PhD Developmental Psychology programs. NYU's Master's in Human Development and Social Intervention program aligns PERFECTLY with my interests and goals: studying human developing and then applying this understanding in the real world to implement interventions to address issues that directly affect disadvantaged populations. But from what I'm reading NYU is a very competitive and difficult school to get into. I'm also concerned that my MSW might be viewed as a disadvantage because its in another (but closely related) field and is clinically based. 

Does anyone know any programs similar to NYU's Applied/Developmental Psychology program? 

Any tips how I can strength my application? Thoughts on getting a Master's in Psychology before applying to PhD programs? Waste of time? Other thoughts/opinions are welcome. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi there,

I don't think your MSW will be considered a disadvantage, but it will likely not be a big deciding factor in your application (aside from grad GPA). I would definitely recommend getting some research experience before applying to a developmental phd program. I don't have a very strong undergraduate GPA and was also considering doing a Master's before applying to a PhD program. However, my advisor recommended that instead of spending the time/money to do an MA, I should just get relevant research experience. I was accepted into NYU's Human Development and Social Intervention MA program last year with my crappy GPA, average GRE scores, and several years of research experience so it's not a waste of time. However, I ended up not going because I would prefer to get a PhD. I also realized that NYU's developmental program focuses on secondary data analysis over experimental work. Some similar programs: Fordham University's Applied Developmental Psych Program, Stanford's Developmental and Psychological Science Program, David Yeager (Developmental) at UT Austin

I hope that helps!

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