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What is BU like?


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BU is the lowest ranked school I applied to, but I like the location and think I might want to go there if they give me some financial aid for my master's program.

Has anyone visited and gotten a vibe for the school, profs, etc? Any thoughts on how it compares to BC, TC, NYU?

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I attended BU as an undergrad. While the building may look small and shabby via the picture online, I assure you the facilities are quite good. Also, you may have classes in buildings throughout the university (as BU tends to do). The classes that I had with professors in the School of Ed were great- the professors are incredibly knowledgable and take the time for individual attention. Plus, the location of the campus is great. You are near nearly everything of note in Boston.

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I also attended BU as an undergrad and I definitely agree with the above poster. It's one of the smallest schools in the University, but has a really great community and really excellent people. Don't let the ranking fool you - it's a great location and an excellent place to be. I actually found the building to be quite endearing; it's a big old brownstone with character (1/2 floors!) and class. I had good education professors and some excellent TAs as well. You can't beat Boston, either.

I ended up getting a full scholarship for undergrad so that drew me to it, but I was really glad I went in the end. WAY better than BC. : )

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