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Emphasising the innovative work of my examiner

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My advisors had another look at my dissertation the other day. They wish me to put more emphasis on the publications of one of my examiners (Prof A) in one of the chapters. Prof A is the leading expert in my field and I have cited his publications where applicable. He is the one who has led my field and made some innovative discovery. I started my paragraph with "Prof A and colleagues made innovative discovery of such and such..." as my advisors suggested.

There is another instance in which I wish to specify Prof A's publication. In that publication, someone else was the first author and Prof A was the senior author. Would that be appropriate to say "Prof A and colleagues"? I feel that I will be giving too little credit to the first author. My understanding is that I should say "[The first author] and colleagues". How should I emphasise on Prof A's work appropriately? 

The idea here is to make Prof A aware that I pay attention to his work. 


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On 12/2/2017 at 4:09 AM, fuzzylogician said:

Could you just say "[first author], [Prof A], and colleagues"? or if you're citing more than one work with varying authors, you might say "in a series of publications, Prof A, along with various colleagues, argues that blah". 

Thank you, fuzzylogician! I will start my paragraph introducing the work of Prof A and colleagues like you suggest, and then discuss in details. 

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