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Help with Data (percentage)


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Hi all,

I'm in a bit of a delimma and thought to get some advice from here. I will write the post in dot point form to make it easier to explain.

I'm doing a paper on Media analysis paper of newspapers coverage during USA presidential campaign.

  • I have 4 main groups (issues) that I seek to investigate where the data will fit.
  • Each article could talk about more than 1 of these issues (1 article can be placed under multiple groups)
  • I have analyzed 200 individual articles. However due the he point above the totals of all groups add up to 250.
  • so therefore, I would say "40% of articles talked about issue 1, 30% issue 2 , 40% issue 3..., 15% issue 4"
  • However, In the table provided when the  percentage of each group (issue) would obviously total greater than 100% (total 125%)

Is that fine? given that context would it be deemed ok to have percentage greater than 100?


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