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How does a MEDICAL leave of absence affaect academics?



I recently completed (or will complete) my first semester as a computer science PhD student. However, I had to withdraw for the semester due to mental health issues (attempted suicide, you get the picture) and am seeking a medical leave of absence for the Spring semester to get my mind back in order (partially moved back home, seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist, finally have a PCP, yada yada yada).

My question is, how is this going to affect me academically? My school's policies aren't too clear on what happens when granting a leave of absence (for whatever reason) other than re-enrollment costs nothing. Can I repeat classes (which I need to do because of my withdrawal) or do I pick up where I left off? Am I still bound to do my QEs in the allotted time period? Basically, what are your guys' experience with medical leave?

Secondly, how will this affect my RA? My advisor has said the department will stop paying my stipend when I announce my leave, i.e. when and if it is approved (not a big deal since I have a second job and RAs here are renewed by the semester so I wouldn't get it next semester anyways). Basically, will I be able to come back to my RA after my leave or am I SOL in this regard?

Thanks in advance!

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