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Latin-american profile evaluation


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nstitution: Unknown School and South-America

Majors: Engineering Economics

GPA: Cumulative - 3.3.

Graduate Institutions: 1) Top of my country (Master in Economics: 3.88 GPA), 2) Top Latin-american (Master in Economics: 4.0 GPA)

GRE General Test:

Q: 170

V: 152

W: 3.0

Research Experience:

- A year and a half as a RA for one of my professors at my second master's program. We are co-authors in a paper (econometric theory).

- A year with a full-time professor and researcher as a RA (at my second master's program) (Macroeconomic topics).

- Half-year with  a full-time professor and researcher as a RA (at my second master's program) (Macroeconomic topics).

Work Experience (after graduation):

Work at a Financial Regulator in my hometown for 3 years. 

Courses (Chronologically): I will mention only graduate courses (my recommenders told me that my undergraduate courses does not matter at all in my case)

- Microeconomic Theory I: A+

- Microeconomic Theory II: A-

- Game Theory: A+

- Macroeconomic Theory I: A+

- Macroeconomic Theory II: A+

- Econometrics I, II and II: A+

- Real Analysis I, II and Measure Theory: A+

Letters of Recommendation:

Econometrics Professors with whom I worked for a year and a half and we are co-authors in a paper (well-known in the region). I have been also his TA.

- Macroeconomics Professors with whom I worked as a RA and TA. Both relatively known in the region.

Other Notes:

TA for International economics and econometric courses for a year.


Princeton, Berkeley, Yale, Chicago, NYU, UPenn, Northwestern, Columbia, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin-Madison, JHU, BU, Rochester, UCLA and UCSD.


Low undergraduate GPA and low AW and Verbal scores (GRE). I am afraid to be eliminated just because my low scores in not-important sections of GRE.  

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