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Summer programm in philosophy in the US or Europe


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I attended Colorado's summer seminar for philosophy last summer and had a wonderful time. It's under a different director this year, but I imagine the program will largely be the same. You take classes with a variety of CO profs relating to the year's theme (this year is will and desire I believe), write 2 short papers and one long paper, and can earn 3 grad credits. There are also a variety of opportunities to interact with the profs and grad students outside of the classroom, and plenty of philosophical discussion is held among the participants. The cost is about 1,000 usd, which includes housing, classes, a few outings, and some meals. Registration fees for RoME (Rocky Mt. Ethics conference) might be included again this year as well. I can't recall if they offered scholarships, but I do know that some of the participants mentioned that their schools paid for everything.

It was a great experience and definitely worth looking into. Here's the link to the web page: http://www.colorado.edu/philosophy/outreach_summer_seminar.shtml

Best of luck!

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I attended the 2009 Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy. It's really a great opportunity to see another philosophy department, meet some very motivated and intelligent peers, and learn from some amazing professors. The costs posted above do not include travel and most meals. From what I remember, Colorado does not offer any scholarships. This is so they can keep the costs of the seminar as low as possible for everyone. However, as the previous poster suggested, you can ask your department if they have scholarships for students to attend seminars or conferences. Also, the topic need not be one's potential area of study.

Carnegie Mellon also has a Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology. This includes tuition and housing, but the students are responsible for travel and living costs. However, this program does not offer students a grade, so it might not help as much as the Colorado seminar in the long run. That is, unless you are interested in logic or formal epistemology. A link to more information: http://www.phil.cmu.edu/summerschool/

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I am looking for a summer program in philosophy with a good acadamic reputation and available scholarships (cause can't afford high course fees). It should be either in Europe or in the US. Thanks for your help!

St. Olaf Hong Kierkegaard Library: http://www.stolaf.edu/collections/kierkegaard/programs/summerfellows.html

(Best summer of my life!))

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