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MS Biostatistics Profile Evaluation


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Hi all,

I know it's quite late to post this evaluation. I just want to make sure my decision is appropriate. Could you please give me some advice so I can adjust my application timely.. I think my math background is not really solid.. I am going to take statistical inference and some other math courses next semester. Should I add some other programs that I have a great possibility to be admitted? 

Undergrad/grad Institution:  TOP HK University
Major: Biology
GPA: 3.78/4.0 cumulative, 3.82/4.0 major (Top 5%)
Type of Student: International
Relevant Courses: 
2 Calculus courses(A+)  linear algebra (A+), 2 statistic courses (A), Basic programming (A)
V156 (73%) 
Q169 (96%)
W3.5 (42%)
Programs Applying: 
Biostatistics MS
Research Experience: 
  • Several research experiences related to analyzing NGS data (2 years)
  • Last summer worked as an RA in a renowned institute for computational/statistical genetics
Recommendation Letter: 
Two from my department, one from a PI of my summer intern. All are very strong. 
Coding Experience:
R, Matlab, Python
Other experience: 
One-semester exchange in a Top30 US university 
Dean's List for 3 years
Hong Kong Government scholarship*2
School of Interests:
Thanks so much for your help! 
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