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My chances of getting


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Undergrad: bachelors in business administration @ University of Arizona 

international student from India

GPA: 3.1 

GRE: verbal: 154 quant: 158 Writing: 4 

work experience: 2 years as legislative assistant/correspondent  under memeber of legislative assembly, state government of India

3 years of work experience in the private sector (a charter accountancy firm, and a construction company) 

I volunteer at a locally well known water conservation NGO and several other NGOs

Reccomendation letters: I have 1 from professor from college, he's well known and a professor at MIT now; 1 from my boss/Colleague at the construction company I worked at. And 1 from the Member of legistative assembly I currently work for.  

I am applying for Masters in Public Aministration/Public Policy/Affairs (MPA / MPP)

Schools applying to: Duke, Brown, NYU, UVA, UNC chapel hill, USC, UCLA, UCSD, university of Georgia, GWU 

What are my chances at each one of these? :/ 

Sorry if I'm not posting in the right thread. I just made an account and got here, so a bit challengeD.


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