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Grade my first GRE Issue Essay


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Can some one please grade my first issue essay so that I can know my shortcomings. My exam is only 2 weeks away and I am a bit nervous about my AWA. 

Group #1: Analysis of Issue 

The desire of corporations to maximize profits creates conflict with the general welfare of the nation at large 

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations or reading. 


The author raises a controversial topic whether the desire of corporations to maximize profits creates conflict with the general welfare of nation. Indisputably, corporates at sometimes run with no moral obligations and in the pursuit of profit do not hesitate to compromise the wellbeing of its society. Nevertheless, corporates constitute a big part of a healthy nations and their profit benefits the nation directly and indirectly.


At first, I turn to my point of agreement with the statement. Corporates do not necessarily mean people and it can be comprised of only few greedy individuals. The obnoxious nasty romance of corporates and government in power is well known. In many cases corporates support the local or central incumbent party or party in opposition and in return the other side reciprocate with equal favor. All these happens with the expense of the common citizen of the nation. For instance, let us look at the example of Bhopal gas tragedy of India which took thousands of lives. The avaricious corporate compromised its safety standards to maximize its fiscal growth and it was well supported by the then government in power. Clearly in this case the sole pursuit of maximization of profit of corporates hurts the general welfare of the nation.


Beyond this point of concession, I disagree with the statement. I turn my first chief point of contention with the argument. A nation without a healthy corporate cannot be healthy. Corporates directly affect the general well-being of nation. The myriads of industries cater the needs of the nation. Corporations offer jobs, products, services, technologies and many other essential needs of the country. And success of all these depends on the net profitable sustenance of corporations. More the revenue generated by corporates, more resources can be offered to the nation.


Secondly, corporate social responsibility is a major part of a corporation. Except a few anomalies, most of the corporations are responsible and they invest a major part of their net profit for the well-being of the nation. For example, Melinda Gates foundation has been doing excellent service in uplifting the down-trodden in underdeveloped and developing nations by providing them education. Such noble and grand entrepreneurship would not have been possible without a profitable corporation like Microsoft.


To sum up, I agree with the author that the maximization profit desire of corporations operates with the expense of the general interest of the nation a few times. However, a healthy and profit-making corporation helps to build a healthy nation.




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