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  1. Before I found out about Gates, I emailed my college (Christ's) which has many scholarships available and they said if they see a full scholarship listed they would not be able to provide any money. Even a small supplemental scholarship would have been nice but oh well. It might depend on the college and/or scholarship though. (I'm assuming everyone got the email from Luisa shortly after we were talking about award letters in the forum.)
  2. Thank you so much--I actually just checked that incidentally and was about to post to say that my CamISIS was updated (25/04/2017) with that same message.
  3. I do not have the Gates account on the website either. I was asking about the official award letter, which the university policy states is necessary to matriculate (especially to fill out the financial undertaking form). I was assuming the email is not the official award letter. However, my college has just emailed me today to congratulate me on the scholarship, so it seems there is some sort of internal communication at the university.
  4. Hm nothing yet on my end... Did you receive the official award letter and everything else related to the terms and conditions? Was there anything about the facebook group? I'm from the USA round so maybe the international round went out sooner. This is making me very anxious though I bet mine will come in soon too EDIT: anyone else receive their award letter yet? @gradapp2048
  5. I believe we need the official letter to complete that form, but I'm not sure. If I'm not mistaken, my college requires an official award letter before they can reserve me a space :/
  6. Ok it's reassuring to hear that I'm not alone, thank you!
  7. Congrats to those winning the international round. I saw the press release yesterday. Has anyone heard any further information other than the confirmation of being accepted? Has anyone received an official award letter yet.
  8. Awesome! I was involved with Best Buddies all four years of university, so disabilities are a major interest of mine
  9. Since it looks like most of the acceptances have gone out, I wanted to ask... How does everyone plan on engaging with their host country? I'm especially curious with the UK winners plan on doing
  10. I was interested in something similar. Luisa told me that a group Facebook would go live once the international round concluded.
  11. Just curious but what does social leadership mean to you? How does it differ from perhaps more conventional notions of leadership? EDIT - congrats!
  12. Extremely fast. This might be one of fastest turn around times there are--it might be slightly longer for international. For USA, interviews were on the 1/27 and 1/28 and decisions were announced 4-5 days later on 2/1. Since you guys interviewed in the middle of the week, 4-5 days would mean this weekend (which I doubt), so maybe next week at the latest? It seems the year before (2016-17) there were announced within 1-2 days and my friend from Peru interviewed in 2015-16 application year and he was told within a few days IIRC. It might be possible you find out in a day or so.
  13. Hope interviews went well for everyone! Good luck everyone!
  14. Germany and UK notified--that's an exciting day! Congrats to all and sorry to the UK alternates. The UK acceptance stats are extremely daunting. For anyone who was designated as an alternate: do you plan on listing this in your CV? I've stumbled across someone's Linked In account who listed themselves as a Rhodes Scholar Alternate. Of course these two scholarships are different and it might depend on individual circumstance, but I'd be interested to hear opinions.
  15. Did you email the university back? Seems like a lucky way to find out what fate has in store for. Also, if that email was sent in error, you probably don't want to have false hopes (however slim) while awaiting fulbright decisions