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  1. Germany and UK notified--that's an exciting day! Congrats to all and sorry to the UK alternates. The UK acceptance stats are extremely daunting. For anyone who was designated as an alternate: do you plan on listing this in your CV? I've stumbled across someone's Linked In account who listed themselves as a Rhodes Scholar Alternate. Of course these two scholarships are different and it might depend on individual circumstance, but I'd be interested to hear opinions.
  2. Did you email the university back? Seems like a lucky way to find out what fate has in store for. Also, if that email was sent in error, you probably don't want to have false hopes (however slim) while awaiting fulbright decisions
  3. I accepted the Gates Cambridge scholarship and withdrew my Fulbright application. Sorry for the confusion!
  4. I love your user name!! (congrats as well, of course!)
  5. It would be very cool to get a UK group going maybe through Facebook or something...
  6. This is so exciting as a spectator! I'm really pulling for you guys, especially those of you I remember from last cycle
  7. This is kind of a selfish question. I received a Gates Cambridge scholarship (!!!) which is a full scholarship and my feeling is that I should withdraw from the Fulbright competition this year, but part of me wants to keep trying to see if I would get the Fulbright scholarship and then decline it if I was lucky enough to get it. This is selfish but my only reason would be to put it as a honorary award (in name only; no funding) in my CV. I have a strong feeling I should withdrawal now as it seems to be the right thing to do, but maybe not, and so I thought I asked you all.
  8. Thank you! I've been noticing your posts since last Fulbright cycle, so I feel united by the struggle. Did you apply to Gates as well? I know so far you are a recommended for Fulbright, though I thought it was not longer for the UK (maybe Germany, because you are DAAD applicant too)
  9. Decisions out on 2/1/2017 at 10:58 AM (Wednesday following the interview, which I skyped for). Subject line: " Gates Cambridge Scholarship decision " I was accepted!!! This is a dream come true..
  10. To add to this, here are some other specific questions I remember: *Imagine you just arrived in the UK and we're in an elevator together. Tell me about your project and why you're here. *Where do you see yourself in 10 years? *You have a free weekend in the UK to do whatever you want. How would you spend it? *You're explaining a current issue in the US to a British person. What issue do you pick and how do you explain it? *(follow up) explain why you think there is such a polarization in American politics (referring to Trump and Sanders at the time). *Have you been keeping up with any current issues in the UK? *Explain a time you were in a leadership role and how those you worked with would characterize your leadership style. *Explain your personal journey (I did not get this one but I talked to someone who did and was caught off guard by it).
  11. I've interviewed at Cambridge and Oxford, accepted at both, and interviewed unsuccessfully with the US-UK Fulbright commission if you had any specific questions for me (either publicly or privately). The general tip I would have, is make sure they are impressed by how impactful your work is. My first project was on synthetic chemistry to improve cancer outcomes (no one in the panel was even remotely STEM-related), but based on their follow up questions I don't think they really understood why I thought my project was important and generally seemed bored (so I wish I explained it more fundamentally and was more engaging). Interestingly though, when they found out I started my academic career in the humanities, mentioning an award I won on postmodern American fiction, they lit up like a match. So I guess a major tip is know your audience. If you have any specific questions, let me know!
  12. Last year, I was nominated as semifinalist 1/15, received an invitation to interview on 2/15 ("invitation to interview ..." in email subject line), and learned of my final status (Alternate, indicated by "(A)" in the email subject line) on 3/22. So, based on last year, it looks like it takes a month between each step, though I promise this will feel much more agonizing than a month's time if you are anything like me. EDIT: by the way, I was applying for a UK open award. The panel of 3 I interviewed with had no affiliation with my school of choice at that time, so my guess (???) is that it's not partner-award dependent. Two were directors of the "US-UK Fulbright Commission" who seemed to run all US-to-UK awards, as well as an American alumna of Columbia University who was "Programme Manager – US Postgraduate Awards". All were reasonably nice people. EDIT2: I believe many others applying for the UK received interviews before I did. My interview was on 2/25 based on the old email.
  13. Hypothetically, yes, but realistically, it is extremely unlikely. I think them saying 1.5-2 times people are recommended compared to how many grants are actually available is most applicable to grants where there is a relatively large number of grants. Last cycle I was also recommended, interviewed, and ultimately was only an alternate for the UK open award (2 awards / 165 applicants). However, there were 3 others on grad cafe that were recommended (not interviewed), and none of us were selected for the grant. Further, I doubt they only interviewed 3 people for 2 awards. At any rate that's at least 6 people in the running (3 times as many people recommended compared to awards available), but it is very likely the it was an even higher number than that.
  14. Oh very cool. There is some continuity and hopefully that experience makes you that much stronger of an applicant!
  15. Hey, IIRC you applied to Africa last year (and ended up getting funding with Nat Geo?). How'd you decide on Indonesia this round? I'm just curious