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  1. Hey, just wanted to brag in another place about my Yale rejection. Didn't get an interview, knew it was coming (kind of like Berkeley at this point...).
  2. Rejection from Yale! An email to check the web portal - just a form letter, not even from the department itself. You should be hearing back soon if you haven't already.
  3. Yeah, just through the grapevine. But I'm anxious enough that even rumors make me nervous at a time like this... Well, I mostly agree with you - unless it is, for example, the end of March. Then it's fair to contact them, I think. Otherwise I believe that the answer could only really be "Soon", which might not make you feel better. There are maybe 3-4 active on thegradcafe this cycle.
  4. Yes, Berkeley does seem like one of the (if not the) most competitive Slavic programs. There's always a chance that we are wrong and still have a chance. I guess only time will tell. What's your specialty/area of interest? The fact that I have no sense of what it takes to get in is extremely frustrating. I feel like with other, more popular programs, there are really clear guidelines on what stats and supplements you need to get it - not so with our field. It's so scary.
  5. Allegedly Berkeley has sent out invites, as well as Yale (but like you said, I don't know if these are being released one at a time or as a batch - if it's as a batch, I guess I'm out of luck!). I was just going to post, in fact, and ask who could claim the Yale invite - and here you are! I agree that because Slavic folks aren't very active/present on this site, it makes predicting these things difficult. It's even hard to get a feel for how many people might be applying in any given cycle. If I can ask, where else are you applying?
  6. All of my programs have a Feb-March notification window, so while I'm not expecting to hear back definitively quite yet (although I would love to...), I'm getting anxious about this interview situation. It's possible our departments haven't sent out interview invites? I am honestly kind of tempted to email and check but also afraid of what the answer might be. I just don't know if the lack of an interview is a definite rejection or just, well, a lack of an interview and nothing more. I wasn't stressed about this until yesterday when I discovered that I potentially "should" have received invites.
  7. Hi all, It's now the end of January and I haven't heard anything from any grad programs that I applied to. Should I be worried at this point/accepting that I haven't gotten into any programs this cycle? For clarification my programs are: Yale Berkeley USC (Southern California) UCLA UIUC Northwestern Thanks!
  8. Thanks so much! You are always so helpful.
  9. So where should I post this? It seems like Applications was not right.
  10. I'm crossposting this to Waiting it Out. I'm wondering if anyone has tips for finding the statistical profiles or program statistics for particular programs. I'm having a bit of trouble and have only found 3 of my 7 programs. If you have any tips or ideas on how to locate this information, it would be much appreciated! For reference, I'm still looking for (all in the Slavic program): Northwestern Berkeley Uni of Southern California Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
  11. Looking for someone willing to critique my SOP. I'm on my second draft but I think I've missed the mark. If you're interested, comment and I'll PM your or PM me and I will send you a link to the Googledoc where I'm working on it. Thanks so much!!
  12. You always know what's up, Fuzzy. Thanks for all of your contributions to the forums here.
  13. Thanks so much. I think that because I feel totally lost in writing this I've kind of defaulted to my personality instead of perhaps discovering the best things to write about.
  14. I'm trying to scrape together my diversity statement for UC schools and I'm really struggling (as I think many would). To that end, my personal sense of humor is definitely coming out a bit more – somewhat self-deprecating, dry humor, etc. I'm wondering if a humorous tone is appropriate or acceptable? I wouldn't say I'm making a joke out of it, but I definitely don't take myself too seriously. I've had a bit of a charmed life educationally but come from a strange family background (parents with a 20 year age gap, autistic/ID younger sibling, poor, etc). Any advice when it comes to this? My SOP is definitely very serious and, honestly, the diversity statement sounds more like "me", but it's not as serious in tone. Is this appropriate? Do I need to rework so that I have a less sarcastic/humorous tone?
  15. Door mat