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  1. I had an interview with Emory last week and they said that they expect decisions to be released by next Friday.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew about waitlists. Do they admit only the exact number of spots they have? Or, do they admit more than the number of spots, assuming there will be a some people who won't accept the spots? I'm primarily wondering about Emory. I'm on the waitlist and it is my top choice. I was looking at the data on the website and it looks like last year there were 10 offers made, and 5 eventually enrolled. So just wondering if 5 offers were initially made, and then they went to the waitlist, or 10 offers initially were made and from that 5 committed. Sorry if this has
  3. I was told by my POI yesterday that the grad committee is making decisions 'shortly'. Fingers crossed its this week!
  4. Has anyone heard from University of Minnesota? It looks like in past years their decisions came out in January.
  5. Me too! So hard to see them and not worry why you weren't emailed as well 😕
  6. After sending an update on my research that I didn't have in time to include on my applications I got the following responses from two POIs: Harvard: "Regarding the application process, yes, it is going on. By now the field’s recommendations are in the hands of the department’s admissions committee. So we are all waiting for their judgement." UVA: "We're still reviewing applications, and I believe the admissions committee will meet in the next couple of weeks. At this point, faculty in the various geographical fields have made their recommendations, but it's now out of our han
  7. At Emory: applications recommended by POIs are going to the graduate committee, who makes final decisions on admissions, on Friday or the latest on Monday!
  8. Does anyone know if there are any schools who have released all their decisions yet? And are most schools doing rolling rather than releasing decisions all on one day? Thanks! The wait is making me more and more nervous each day!
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