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  1. Has anyone had experience renting with Bryan Park apartments? I am on the verge of signing the lease but haven't been able to find much and would like to hear some input about renting from them. I liked the apartment, I had a FaceTime tour, but am apprehensive about sending the deposit with little feedback on living there.
  2. Does anyone have any insight into whether or not it's worth it to get a parking pass? I'm an incoming first year in the History department and am unsure of where I'd be living. As someone noted, cheaper options are often farther and less accessible through public transit and I am unsure of using it being that I am not from the area (am very directionally challenged navigating stops and such). If anyone had any advice on apartment complexes to avoid, or if they've lived in graduate housing (listed as available on the website but provides a 404 error), I'd appreciate it!
  3. I just got news today that I am off the waitlist at Indiana! I am sad I don't get the opportunity to visit, but I'm excited to be attending IU in the fall! Does anyone know of people attending who can give insight into the program/attitude there? I am planning on asking my advisor to be connected with graduate students but could love insight from anyone else.
  4. Were you notified by both through email?
  5. I did the MICHHERS program at UofM this past summer and spent time with the history department there and they told us how decisions were made. Everyone is separated into cohorts and decisions are made from who is in each field. Americanists decide who enters into that track vs Latin Americanists. They're accepting slightly smaller cohorts for everyone because a few years ago all accepted into the Southeast Asian field decided to attend. So while Latin American history would normally accept 6, this year my POI told me that they're accepting 1-2
  6. I just want to know if the Latin American history decisions have been decided. I know some programs (like UofM) have decisions decided in separate cohorts and I assume that should be the case in other programs.
  7. Has anyone else heard from Indiana-Bloomington? The Graduate Director had contacted me but that was almost two weeks ago and seeing as a few decisions have gone out there and UofM I am riddled with anxiety. Those two schools are literally the only ones I'm waiting on.
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