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  1. Oops my bad. I didn’t mean the just sent it, I meant whenever they do decide you just get an email. There’s no announcement of notification dates or anything
  2. Oh I’m going no matter what. FLAS would just be veryyyyyy nice to ease the financial burden.
  3. I got my Stanford decision letter and got in (!!!) but no word on FLAS so I guess that means either I didn't get it or they haven't decided yet. But I think I just didn't get it.
  4. Thank you!! I think I've heard for Stanford they find out with their acceptance, which last year was around March 5th, so hopefully sometime soon!! I really don't want to take out loans and there's no way I can afford it otherwise. Best of luck to you as well!
  5. Wouldn't it be nice? I'm starting the first year of my MA degree Fall 2020 and I'm worried about managing my student workload with my actual workload because rent doesn't pay itself!
  6. Congrats on UCLA! It's a great program! Where else did you apply? I got acceptances from WashU and UT Austin, still waiting to hear from USC, U of Hawaii, Stanford, and Duke.
  7. Are there any others applying for MA programs? I applied for East Asian Studies, but I hope to later go on and get a PhD in Anthropology. It seems like a lot of people here are applying to PhD programs.
  8. I applied for FLAS funding for Korean at Stanford, but even getting into Stanford is a long shot lol. I don't think I'll be hearing back until around March. I'm a bit concerned because I only applied for MA, not PhD, and also I'm only at second year Korean and I think they prioritize more advanced levels. But a girl can dream!
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