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  1. Undergrad Institution: University of California Major(s): Psychology Minor(s): GPA: 3.35 Type of Student: Domestic Woman GRE General Test: excuse: no time for study because of crazy work schedule.. Q: 158 (70%) V: 156 (72%) W: 3.5 (42%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: NA TOEFL Score: NA Grad Institution: NA Concentration: GPA: Programs Applying: MS Statistics Research Experience: 1 Year RA with undergrad professor Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Not really Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Environment Consultant (3 years) Letters of Recommendation: 1 from Undergrad professor, 2 from current supervisors Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: (Such as connections, grad classes, etc...)I did not take any prerequisite classes in undergrad. So I took classes (Integral, Multivariable, Linear Algebra) online. Applying to Where: Iowa State University - Admitted on 3/17 with TA offer American University (Statistics) - Admitted on 2/10 American University (Biostatistics) - Admitted on 2/10 Loyola University - Admitted on 2/10 Depaul - Admitted on 3/1 George Washington University - Rejected on 3/3 Oregon State University - Rejected on 2/22 University of Pittsburgh - Probably waitlisted/rejected U Mass Amherst (Statistics) - Pending I feel absolutely terrific/shocked/surreal after getting accepted from ISU.
  2. Hello guys, I just got accepted to MS Statistics program at Iowa State. I haven't made my final decision yet, but I'm most likely going to ISU this fall. Is anyone else going...or is already going? Let me know!
  3. I just got accepted to Iowa State (MS) with TA offer. Anyone going to Iowa State?
  4. One of my friends got accepted to the program on 2/21.
  5. Someone just posted GWU MS stats acceptance (with funding!!). I am literally panicking right now.
  6. Yes it means you are awesome and other applicants in this forum (especially me) will be envious of you! I am kidding, congratulations!!
  7. I just got accepted to Loyola (Applied Statistics) and American University (Bio & Stat). Does anyone know about these programs? I feel super lucky bc my profile is not that strong but I am still waiting from Iowa state, Oregon state, GWU and etc.. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Hello, I am applying for 2017 Fall, and just got a C+ in Multivariable Calculus for this Summer session. I studied very hard, but I guess crashing a course in a month was too much for me.. Does it mean that I should give up my Master application? I would like some advice. Thank you!