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  1. Thank you!! Congratulations to you too!! Where are you going?? And now that I remember, I talked to a previous Bahrain ETA grantee and she said she didn't find out details until the orientation. I think she said placement details, but how could it be possible that they don't tell us the grant amount and exact dates until then? That's crazy...ughhhhh!!!
  2. No I was notified March 29th for Bahrain ETA and no grant authorization form yet...
  3. Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a while and have been commiserating wholeheartedly with everyone about waiting for results. Bahrain usually doesn't notify until late April so I wasn't expecting anything until then, but I just got the email that I am a finalist for the ETA!!!! If anyone else is going to be in the Gulf area for research or ETA let me know!!! On a side note, I also won a CLS award to study Arabic in Oman this summer, but the PDO for Fulbright is right in the middle of the CLS period. Has anyone had experience with or known someone who has been able to miss the Fulbright PDO for this reason? The dates for the actual CLS and Fulbright periods don't conflict, just the orientation. You guys are amazing and have kept me sane the past few months. Thank you for being here!!!
  4. Does anyone know when/if we will get our results from the pre-program OPI testing? I just took mine for Arabic this morning but when I checked the FAQ it didn't say anything about us receiving a pre-program score, just a post-program one?
  5. I'm an Arabic finalist going to Ibri, Oman - anyone else for Oman??