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  1. I am in the same boat!
  2. Mine still says "incomplete items outstanding"... Hope that doesn't mean I didn't make the cut
  3. Their prospective student day is the 25th of March so I guess it'll be before then. Hopefully at least a week before? My guess is they'll make calls next wed-fri, but I hope it's sooner.
  4. I don't, but in past years they started on the Wednesday of the second week in March (I crept some old forums)
  5. I got an email confirming that they got my application but nothing else so far. Based on past years I think we should hear by Monday. Has anyone heard anything from McGill? From what I can tell they should have started making calls yesterday. But maybe it'll be next week.
  6. I know someone that that happened to, and it all turned out ok. They can take a while to arrive. I still haven't gotten an email from them, but maybe that means everything is fine.
  7. Has anyone heard from Dal about their application status? It seems late, even for them.