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  1. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    CONGRATS to everyone on their acceptances so far...such an exciting time! I have been accepted to both Western and Toronto and will most likely be accepting Toronto so that will open up a spot on Western's waitlist. If anyone else whose accepting Toronto wants to chat send me a message or perhaps we should start a FB group! I will definitely be looking for roommates next September and am so excited to meet everyone!
  2. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    It's not a glitch - I did too. You can view your official offer - GET EXCITED!
  3. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I applied last year, and they just sent us an e-mail in the morning around 8:30..they never sent us an acknowledgment of application prior to admission results. ORPAS didn't have their results page last year so I am not sure if UoT will just update like Western does at midnight, but last year it was definitely the following morning.
  4. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I read online Western is increasing from 30, to nearly 45...anyone know the truth in this?
  5. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    Congrats to everyone on their acceptances! Has anyone else given up hope on McGill or do you think they will be making more calls Monday? It's hard to tell how many people have already been accepted because granted their are people who have that don't use the forum. Feeling down!
  6. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    Does anyone know if today was the last day to hear from McGill?
  7. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    haha no you are not alone!! Were you waitlisted any of the previous years you applied?
  8. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I am with you there, any acceptance would be a win at this point! I am a third time applicant so fingers crossed this time. I am about 4-5 hours away from both Western and Toronto so would happily take either. But like many I am not getting my hopes up as my sGPA is not overly high, only around a 3.72 - which is crazy to even think thats not good because we should all be proud of these grades but these programs make us feel like they're not something to be proud of. Although I'm not sure if anyone else has friends who are already in the program but I know of girls who have gotten in with 3.7's so lets hope they take a more broad look at the application and not just accept based on grades (as I don't feel like that's an accurate representation of someone's ability to be an effective clinician). In my opinion, McMaster offering interviews solely based on GPA kind of put my place in perspective as to whether or not my average was competitive because realistically most people apply to as many schools to maximize your chance of getting in. I did feel better about my average once receiving an interview. Did anyone else feel this way?
  9. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I'm not sure of an exact number but I have friends at both Western and Toronto this year in the program who have told me that both programs have increased in size for this upcoming application year. My friend at Toronto told me "Apparently it's mandated that all programs in the faculty of medicine increase. So I believe that SLP is accepting 20 more students this year for a total class size of nearly 70" . So hopefully this means more good news for people.... I can't help after hearing people post about McGill acceptances become discouraged...the application process is emotionally exhausting to say the least.
  10. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I just want to kn I just want to know either way!!
  11. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    I know that Western, Toronto and McMaster you won't hear from until the end of the month, and McGill will be sometime this week. Don't give up hope!
  12. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    Has anyone heard back from McGill regarding admission?
  13. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    How do you know they started making calls?
  14. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    My referee just advised me that she cannot locate the e-mail ORPAS sent her regarding my reference package. I have confirmed the e-mail is correct so I'm thinking perhaps it got deleted out of her inbox. Does anyone know how to re-send the package or if this is something ORPAS will do? I am just nervous would the deadline fast approaching. Thanks!
  15. 2017 Canadian Application Thread!

    Yeah, JessiBear is correct - McMaster does not take reference letters - solely grades.