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  1. BSW Admissions 2017!!

    Hello everyone, for those who are going to Dalhousie, looking for female roommates to rent a pet friendly place. message me if interested.
  2. Hello everyone, going to Dalhousie in the fall and looking for roommates. Message me if you are in the same predicament.
  3. Audiology Canada 2017 Application

    Got off waitlist for Dalhousie is anyone else going?, looking for roommates
  4. Audiology Canada 2017 Application

    Hi, did anyone hear anything back regarding Ottawa's waitlist. I don't even know how many people are usually on the list. thanks
  5. Audiology waitlist canada 2017 (hope?)

    thats wonderful. welcome to the waiting game
  6. Audiology Canada 2017 Application

    Does any one know when the audiology waitlists begins to move? thanks
  7. Audiology Canada 2017 Application

    Just got waitlisted at uOttawa.
  8. Audiology waitlist canada 2017 (hope?)

    waitlisted at Ottawa as well
  9. Hi do you know if Ottawa has started to send out their acceptance? i have applied to the audiology program and have not received any news since my interview. thanks
  10. Audiology Canada 2017 Application

    rejected to Western does anyone know when we will hear back from uOttawa?
  11. Anyone got an answer about uOttawa?
  12. I prepared for next week Monday I though it was 1 April or the fist working day of April
  13. Audiology waitlist canada 2017 (hope?)

    Congrats did you apply to other school's?
  14. Audiology Canada 2017 Application

    My GPA is something around 3.5 with some research experience and I am not a maritime student. Don't congradulate me yet, I'm just on the wait list. What are your GPA and stats DP123? Did you apply to Dalhousie as well?
  15. Audiology waitlist canada 2017 (hope?)

    April 5th I believe for Dalhousie