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    Audiology 2019 Canada

    Hey, Thanks so much for replying to this thread I created back in January. This is my first time applying. I never wrote the GRE, so I only applied to UBC and Western. I am currently doing an MSc (research based), but decided I wanted something more clinical, which is why I applied to audiology. It's really unfortunate that Canadian schools don't take master level courses into consideration for your subGPA (last 20 courses). Does anyone know if it has any benefit to your application? MBLBPB, Congrats on getting accepted to American schools!!
  2. Audiology2019

    Audiology 2019 Canada

    Hi Everyone, I created this thread for all of us applying to Canadian Audiology programs. This is a nice way for all of us to support each other throughout this application process! Good luck everyone!

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