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  1. Hi Salsouqi, Sorry for the delay but as far as I know the graduate degree marks are not considered because the orpas does not include those I think. I was hoping the graduate degree gives some kind of an advantage but I am not too sure. I really hope things work out for everyone. Good luck. I plan to apply to more schools next year if things dont work out this year. Any ideas how I can improve my application? Do the prerequisites require a high mark or they dont care as long as you have them?
  2. Hello and welcome On my end, I only applied to western. I didn't do the GRE so I didnt apply to Dalhousie. UBC is too far for me. I got an email from Western telling me to create an account and the offers will come out on Apr 1 I guess. Crossing my fingers
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Ali and I have applied for Audiology at Western and I am wondering if there is anyone else on the same boat? How was the application process? I saw that the GPA came out the other day so I am a bit worried, I hope it will be good enough for Western? Hope to hear from you and learn about your experiences
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