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  1. It's allowed (in theory)! Not super common that people actually do it but you should definitely contact the school, at least one person has done it in recent years.
  2. Hi guys, current dal slp student here, just want to wish everyone good luck with the admissions coming out over the next couple days! Also don't get too disheartened if you get waitlisted, a bunch of people, including me, made it off last year!
  3. There is an internship in the summer after the 2nd year but other than that no.
  4. I got the email around 4 this afternoon Atlantic time, so near the end of the day for dal! Haven't heard of anyone else getting off the list today, so they may have just started (hopefully!) I'll send you a message with my stats
  5. Accepted off the waitlist at Dal! Very excited, big thank you to whoever didn't take their offer!
  6. Hi, new to this thread. Just got my email from dal that I'm waitlisted, nice to see other people in the same boat. Good luck everyone!
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