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  1. Hey! @slp.dreamer I'm currently a first year student in the Dal program. Last year we got emails on April 1st. However, because of all that has happened this year, I would expect it will take a bit longer. But you should find out soon! Let me know if you have any questions about the program.
  2. Congrats on getting in! You should join the facebook page for Dal SLP students. Just search "Dalhousie SLP 2022".
  3. Thank you for letting us know @LilWug it is such a relief to know that we will hear soon! Congrats on getting in!
  4. I'm totally with you @maroo7!!! The waiting (and constant email checking 😳) is the worst! Can you let me know when you hear?
  5. Thanks for letting me know @slp.dreamer! It would be so nice to know this week! Did you get an email too? I find it confusing how some people get letters mailed while others get emails.
  6. Sweet thanks for letting me know @peachy_speechie
  7. Hello! Just wondering if anyone has heard anything regarding acceptance/rejection from Dal this year? I got confirmation that all my documents had been received at the end of January, but was just wondering if anyone has heard anything about actual acceptance or rejection. Or if anyone knows when people typically hear from Dal.
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